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Welcome to the project
Study how to create a T-shirt!

November activity- Peacemakers

"Wear the peace-make a T-shirt"

This videos present our classroom and how started our first school day. In our class there are 24 sudents - 11 girls and 13 boys. We study Bulgarian Alphabet, reading and writing letters, words, short sentences and texts. We work hard in Math. We learn addition and subtraction of the numbers from 0 to 20. We try to be good friends and successful sudents. Every day we do sport exercises, because we participated in USA JAM project. JAM means Just A Minut - Just a minute we do exercises every day and we try to eat healthy food. We think that the SPORT is a peacemaker and the symbol of the peace at all over the world. We believe that children are peacemakers too with their games, dreams, desires... Let's live in peace!

November activity - Meet our classrooms - "Digital storytelling"

December activity "Wear the peace-make a T-shirt" & "Digital storytelling"

Our Christmas cards-wishes from 1st-graders-Burgas, Bulgaria

For example: Peace Art Activities

January activity: "Peace - Love - Joy - Tolerance". We are tolerance to our planet. We recycled empty paper boxes to cute and color houses. We love the Earth and save it. We "think green"!